[#DIV28SUPER] Film at Convention - "Voices of Grief"

I’m posting this for a colleague who thought it might have particular salience for those working in the field of substance use research.


Voices of Grief:

Voices of Grief explores the discouragement in our culture for the normal grief and mourning process while at the same time offering a new perspective on how to honor, transform and integrate our grief. The film is based on the interplay of teachings from contemporary authors, poets, and spiritual teachers coupled with the stories of our group participants as we companion one another in our group support work. 

The film has received a number of awards.

Friday, August 4, 3:10 PM
American Psychological Association (APA)
125th Annual Convention
Convention Center/Room 201, Washington, D.C.



Geoffrey K. Mumford, Ph.D| Associate Executive Director for Government Relations

Science Directorate | 202.336.6067 | gmumford@apa.org 

American Psychological Association



Advancing psychology to benefit society and improve people’s lives






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