[#DIV28SUPER] NOW OPEN: NIH Loan Repayment Programs Application Cycle

National Institutes of Heath (NIH) National Institutes of Heath - Division of Loan Repayment
The NIH LRP application cycle opens this year on September 1 and closes on November 15. Now is the ideal time to inform your colleagues about the many benefits of the LRPs!

Approximately 1,500 researchers benefit from the more than $70 million the NIH invests each year.

Participants in the NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRPs) receive up to  $70,000 of qualified educational debt repayment with a two-year contract.

Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested in the Programs.
Participants can receive up to $70,000 to help repay student loans with a 2 year contract
Thank you for your continued support of the NIH Loan Repayment Programs!
  Important LRP Application Updates!
  • Newly revised online application now available
  • All applicants (new and renewal) are required to have an eRA Commons ID
  • Same application submission deadline for applicants, colleague, and institutional documentation - November 15, 2016

Call: (866) 849-4047    Email: lrp@nih.gov    Website:  www.lrp.nih.gov
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