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Saturday, August 8th

Technology and Substance Use Disorders---Expanding Our Methods and Improving Our Science (Approved for Continuing Education)

8:00 AM – 9:50 AM                       Convention Centre Room 103A                         Divisions 25 & 50

Cochairs: Erin A. McClure, PhD and Mickey Koffarnus, PhD

Discussant: Stacey C. Sigmon, PhD

Geographical Momentary Assessment: Investigating the Relationships between Mood, Craving and Stress

                Kenzie L. Preston, PhD; Co-Authors: David H. Epstein, PhD, Matthew Tyburski, PhD, Karran Phillips, MD

            Remote Alcohol Monitoring to Facilitate Abstinence Reinforcement

                Mikhail N. Koffarnus, PhD; Co-Authors: Anita S. Kablinger, MD, Amy E. Swallow, BS, Warren K. Bickel, PhD

            The Development of a Mobile Application to Improve ART Adherence among Drug-Using MSM

                Keith J. Horvath, PhD; Co-Author: Thu Danh, MPH

            The Remote Monitoring of Smoking and Relapse in Adolescents and Emerging Adults

                Erin A. McClure, PhD; Co-Authors: Kevin M. Gray, MD, Frank A. Treiber, PhD, Matthew J. Carpenter, PhD

*Collaborative Program: Sex, Drugs, and Dopamine: A Recipe for Risk?

10:00 AM – 11:50 AM                  Convention Centre Room 716B                         Divisions 6, 28

                Chair:     Barrett L. Bolin, PhD

Behavioral Economics of HIV Risk Behavior in Humans: Effects of Abused Drugs on Sexual Discounting

Matthew W. Johnson, PhD

"Breaking Bad or Breaking Good": Drugs of Abuse and Female Sexual Motivation

Fay A. Guarraci, PhD

Concurrent Exposure to Methamphetamine and Sexual Behavior Increases Compulsive Sex and Drug Seeking

Lique M. Coolen, PhD

Reward System Activation by Subconsciously Processed Sexual Stimuli: The Modulating Role of Dopamine

Stephanie Both, PhD

Social Networks of Geosocial App Using Men Who Have Sex With Men: Implications for Substance Use

Ian W. Holloway, PhD

^Sex Differences in Marijuana's Effects in Human and Animal Studies--- Equal Opportunity for Abuse? (Approved for Continuing Education)

10:00 AM – 11:50 AM                  Convention Centre Room 202B                         Divisions 25, 50

                Co Chairs: Cora Lee Wetherington, PhD, Jenny Wiley, PhD

            Sex Differences in Abuse-Related Effects of 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Ethanol in Rats

                Jenny Wiley, PhD; Co-Authors: Timothy W. Lefever, MA, Julie A. Marusich, PhD, Rebecca M. Craft, PhD

            The Modulating Role of Sex and Ovarian Hormones in Cannabinoid Addiction

                Liana Fattore, PhD

Sex- and Age-Dependent Interactions of Chronic Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol with Ovarian Hormones

Peter J. Winsauer, PhD; Co-Authors: Patricia E. Molina, MD, PhD, Catalin M. Filipeanu, PhD, Peter F. Weed, MPH, Angela M. Amedee, PhD

Influence of Sex on Neural Processing of Subliminal Cannabis Cues in Cannabis Use Disorder

                Teresa R. Franklin, PhD; Co-Author: Reagan Wetherill, PhD

            Sex Differences in Cannabis's Abuse-Related and Analgesic Effects in Cannabis Smokers

                Margaret Haney, PhD; Co-Author: Zeva D. Cooper, PhD

Exercise as an Adjunct Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

10:00 AM – 11:50 AM                  Convention Center Froom 717B                                    Divisions 28 & 50

Chair: Joy Chudzynski, PsyD

Discussant: Richard Rawson, PhD

Impact of Exercise on Substance Use among MA-Dependent Individuals

Joy Chudzynski, PsyD

Aerobic Exercise for the Treatment of Stimulant Use Disorder

Madhukar Trivedi, MD

Reinforcing Exercise Increases Activity Levels but Does Not Decrease Drug Use

Shelia Alessi, PhD

A Preliminary Study of the Effects of Exercise on Craving and Use of Cocaine and Cigarettes

Richard de la Garza, PhD

Poster Session: Division 28 Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse

12:00 PM – 12:50 PM                  Convention C. Exhibit Halls D and E                              Divisions 28

Self-Reported ADHD Symptoms and Emotion Dysregulation in Adults With Co-Occurring Disorders

Joscelyn R. Rompogren, MA; Co-Authors Mark A. Teles, MA, Tina P. Tram, MA, Robert L. Teel, BS, Susan E. Oregra, PhD, and Patricia A. Judd, PhD

The Association between Intranasal Methamphetamine Self-Administration and Subject-Rated Effects

                Justin C. Strickland, BS; Co-Authors: William W. Stoops, PhD and Craig R. Rush, PhD

            Eye Tracking Is Sensitive to Clinically Relevant Differences in Cocaine Abuse

                Katherine R. Marks, MA; Co-Authors: Erika Pike, MS, William W. Stoops, PhD, and Craig R. Rush, PhD

            The Untapped Potential of Office-Based Buprenorphine Treatment

                Stacey C. Sigmon, PhD, MA

            The Correlation of Yoga, Massage, and Use of Medication Among Chronic Pain Patients

                Caitlin M. Speck, MA; Co-Authors: Breanna Barr, MA, Mary Peterson, PhD, and Shaun Davis, MA

The Intersection Between Chronic Pain and Opioid Abuse: Factors Associated With Quality of Life

                Jermaine D. Jones, PhD; Co-Authors: Johnathan S. Vogelman, BA and Sandra D. Comer, PhD

            Alcohol, Antabuse, Both or Neither?

                Rebecca L. Pollack, MS

            Smoking Reduction and Readiness to Quit Among Smokers With Schizophrenia

                Mollie E. Miller, PhD; Co-Author: Jennifer W. Tidey, PhD

            Preferences for Low-Threshold Interventions Among Problem Drinkers

                David B. Correia, MS; Co-Authors: Jon Randolph Haber, PhD and Ted Jacob, PhD

            Delay Discounting Provides Robust Classification of Substance Using and Nonusing Individuals

                Lara Moody, MS; Co-Authors: Chris Franck, PhD and Warren K. Bickel, PhD

            Impact of Rurality on Middle and High School Students' Perceived Harmfulness of Substances

                K. Nikki Barefoot, PsyD; Co-Authors: Jacob C. Warren, PhD and K. Bryant Smalley, PhD, PsyD

Differences in Cue-Reactivity Responses Dependent on Exposure Levels of Smoking and Nonsmoking Cues

Erin J. Cox; Co-Authors: Becky A. Haritonovich, Michelle R. Winwood, Hannah M. Rae, Jessica L. Braymiller, BA, and Matthew T. Weaver, PhD

Substance Use and Quality of Life Among University Students

                Pamela Holtz, MS; Co-Authors: Robert Ashford and Jennifer Callahan, PhD

Poster Session: Division 28 Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse (Continued)

12:00 PM – 12:50 PM                  Convention C. Exhibit Halls D and E                  Division 28

Collegiate Recovery Programs and Social Support As Resources for University Students in Long-Term Recovery From a Substance Use Disorder

                Pamela Holtz, MS; Co-Authors: Robert Ashford and Jennifer Callahan, PhD

Substance Use Among Psychology Undergraduates

Caroline D. Bergeron, MS; Co-Authors: Octavio A. Santos, MS, Derek A. Storch, BA, Blake Hummer, AA, and David C. Osmon, PhD

White Matter Abnormalities in Heroin Dependence: A Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis

Scott C. Wollman, MS; Co-Authors: Omar M. Alhassoon, PhD, Mark J. Stern, MA, Matthew G. Hall, MS, Joscelyn R. Rompogren, MA, Christine L. Kimmel, MA, and Adlyn M. Perez-Figueroa, MA

How Gender, Childhood Interpersonal Trauma Type and Frequency Predict Adult Alcohol Abuse

                Aquila Richardson, BA

            Cocaine-Related Images Impair Inhibitory Control in Cocaine Users

                Erika Pike, MS; Co-Authors: Katherine R. Marks, MA, William W. Stoops, PhD and Craig R. Rush, PhD

Young Adult Smokers' Perceptions of Reduced-Nicotine Cigarettes: Evidence From a Randomized Control

                Rachel N. Cassidy, PhD; Co-Authors: Jennifer W. Tidey, PhD, Dorothy Hatsukami, PhD, and Eric C. Donny, PhD

            Quantitative Signature of Change? Interpretation of Rate Dependence in Impulsivity Studies

                Sarah E. Snider, PhD; Co-Authors: Amanda J. Quisenberry, PhD and Warren K. Bickel, PhD

Relative Demand for Snus and Nicotine Gum Depends on the Concurrent Availability of Cigarettes

                Jeff Stein, PhD; Co-Authors: Mikhail N. Koffarnus, PhD, Michael C. Judd, BS, and Warren K. Bickel, PhD

            A Shared History of Drug Exposure Influences Social Preference

                Ryan T. Lacy, PhD; Co-Authors: Justin C. Strickland, BS, Sarah E. Bills, BS, and Mark A. Smith, PhD

A Rapid Assessment of Opioids and Overdose Knowledge to Inform Overdose Prevention Interventions

                Kelly Dunn, PhD; Co-Authors: Fredrick S. Barrett, PhD, Michael Fingerhood, MD, and George Bigelow, PhD

            ADHD Symptoms and Attachment Among Adults With Co-Occurring Disorders

Tina P. Tram, MA; Co-Authors: Robert L. Teel, BS, Joscelyn R. Rompogren, MA, Mark A. Teles, MA, Susan E. Orgera, PhD, and Patricia A. Judd, PhD

The Abuse Liability of Electronic Cigarettes As a Function of Nicotine Dose

Arit M. Harvanko, BA; Co-Authors: Catherine M. Marin, MD, Jessica S. Fogel, BA, Joshua A. Lile, PhD, and Thomas H. Kelly, PhD

Poster Session: Division 28 Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse (Continued)

12:00 PM – 12:50 PM                  Convention C. Exhibit Halls D and E                              Division 28

Development and Factor Analysis of a Comprehensive Behavioral Risk Assessment for Infectious Disease

Evan Herrmann, PhD; Co-Authors: Fredrick S. Barrett, PhD, Jennifer G. Plebani, PhD, Matthew W. Johnson, PhD, and Kelly Dunn, PhD

Caffeine Use Disorder: A Clinical Trial Assessing the Effectiveness of a Brief Intervention

Mary M. Sweeney, PhD; Co-Authors: Steven E. Meredith, PhD, Laura M. Juliano, PhD, Daniel P. Evatt, PhD, and Roland R. Griffiths, PhD

Paper Session: Topics in Alcohol Use and Abuse—I

1:00 PM – 1:50 PM                       Convention Centre Room 201C            

SBIRT for Driving While Intoxicated Offenders: Preliminary Outcomes

                Stacy R. Ryan, PhD; Co-Authors: Jillian Mullen, PhD, Donald M. Dougherty, PhD, and Charles W. Mathias, PhD

Executive Functioning in Children and Adolescents Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol: A Meta-Analysis

                Jennifer Khoury, MA; Co-Author: Karen Milligan, PhD

Alcohol-Related Consequences and Future Drinking: The Role of Experience and Subjective Evaluations

                Michelle J. Zaso, BS; Co-Authors: Aesoon Park, PhD, Jueun Kim, MS, Jessica Desalu, BS, and Hoin Kwon, PhD

Model Minority Stereotype and Alcohol Use Disorders: Diagnostic Implications for Asian Americans

Alice Wen-Jui Cheng, PhD; Co-Authors: Derek K. Iwamoto, PhD, Marc Budgazad, MA, Stephanie Pogan, MA, and Daveon McMullen, BA

Master Lecture Address: Risks and Consequences of Heavy Alcohol Drinking: Advances from a Monkey Model

2:00 PM – 2:50 PM                       Convention Centre Room 206C

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