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Friday, August 7th

Marijuana on the Adolescent Brain? Exploring Neurodevelopment and Behavior

8:00 AM – 9:50 AM                       Convention Center Room 104A                         Division 28 & 50

Co-Chairs: Cheryl A. Boyce, PhD and Karen Sirocco, PhD

The Impact of Early Onset Marijuana Use on Neurocognition, Brain Structure, and Function

Staci Gruber, PhD; Co-Authors: Kelly A. Sagar, MS, Mary Kathleen Delgree, MS, Meredith Dremen, BA, Atilla Goenec, PhD, and Scott Lukas, PhD

Neurocognitive Effects of Cannabis Use on Youth: Genetic Moderators

Krista M. Lisdahl, PhD

Interactive Effects of Early Onset Cannabis and Stress on Cortical Thickness

Francesca Filbey, PhD; Co-Author: Tim McQueeny, PhD

Neuropsychological Performance in Adolescent Marijuana Users With Co-Occurring Alcohol Use

Joanna Jacobus, PhD; Co-Author: Susan Tapert, PhD

Therapist Language and the Adolescent Brain: Relationship to Cannabis Use Treatment Outcomes

Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing, PhD; Co-Authors: Uma Yezhuvath, PhD, Rachel Thayer, MA, and Francesca Filbey, PhD

Presidential Address

10:00 AM – 10:50 AM                  Convention Center Room 201E                                      Division 28

Examining the Relationship between Subjective and Reinforcing Effects of Stimulant Drugs: Implications for Human Laboratory and Clinical Trial Research

                William W. Stoops, PhD

Business Meeting

11:00 AM- 11:50 AM                    Convention Centre Room 201E


*Collaborative Program: Using Technologies to Assess, Improve, and Monitor Behavior in Real-Time

4:00 PM – 5:50 PM                                   Convention Center Room 713B             Divisions 8, 16, 25, & 28

Chair: Michelle M. Perfect, PhD

Use of Remote Physiological Monitoring in Addictions Research

Jin H. Yoon, PhD

Conducting Assessment and Treatment of Problem Behavior for Children with Autism via Telehealth

Kelly Schieltz, Kelly Pelzel, David P. Wacker, Alyssa Suess, Scott Lindgren, and Todd Kopelman

Using Technology to Manage and Assess Diabetes in Youth: Research and Personal Use

Nick A. Tanner, Michelle M. Perfect, Cassandra Hicks, Mathew Turley, Cindy Chin, and Mark Wheeler

Real-Time Monitoring of Sleep in Practice, Research, and Personal Use

Michelle M. Perfect, Nick A. Tanner, Sara S. Frye, Madison Schroeder, and Stuart R. Quan

Naturalistic Observation of Social Processes: The EAR (Electronically Activated Recorder)

Megan Robbins and Matthais Mehl

The 2015 NIAAA/NIDA Early Career Investigator Poster Session and Social Hour

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM                       Fairmont Royal York Hotel: Imperial Room                Division 28 & 50 

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