[#DIV28SUPER] Please consider signing a petition to reduce regulatory burden related to studying cannabis and cannabinoids

Go to the petition here and/or read on for additional background
Dear Division 28 Members,

APA, the Friends of NIDA, and several allied organizations are working together to reduce the regulatory burden on scientists conducting research with cannabis and/or its constituent products.  Some of those initiatives involve working with U.S. Congress on legislation targeting the regulatory process and some initiatives involve working with the Executive Branch to request non-legislative remedies.  One current problem we're trying to address is that discrepancies between federal and state cannabis laws are posing significant barriers to research. 
One possible solution to this problem is to petition the White House to provide legal protection for scientists working in one of the 28 states (or DC) where cannabis has been legalized (for either medicinal or recreational use).   Today, a Citizens Petition was launched to address this issue with a goal of reaching 100,000 signatures in the next 30 days; the threshold guaranteeing an Administration response.  There is no way of knowing what that response will be but a similar effort to reverse an emergency Scheduling decision on kratom was very successful and as we have no way of knowing what the regulatory framework for marijuana research will look like under a new Attorney General next year, this is worth a try.
The petition will only take 15 sec to fill out with your name and email address, then confirm your signature, so please help us further this cause by signing here.


Ryan Vandrey, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
5510 Nathan Shock Dr.
Baltimore, MD 21224
410-550-4036 (phone)
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