[#DIV28SUPER] Faculty Position in Health Disparities at Auburn University


Attached is an ad for an Associate/Assistant Professor position in Psychology at Auburn University in Health Disparities. The area is broadly defined but investigators interested in disparities in prevention, diagnosis or treatment of behavioral disorders are encouraged to apply.



The position in Psychology is one of several being advertised under a cluster-hire initiative  originated and supported by the Provost. The goals for this cluster are to improve population health by identifying, understanding, and addressing health needs and disparities. A special focus is on disadvantaged segments of the population, which are often underserved by existing health care systems due to historically unequal treatment or injustice.


We will recruit faculty in Psychology (this ad), Pharmacy, Nursing, Human Development and Family Studies, and Nutrition.  A key component of this position is the opportunity to collaborate with others on campus interested in health disparities and to help form strategic research programs in this area.


Additional information can be found at http://www.auburn.edu/academic/provost/healthdisparities.html .


Please feel free to forward this to interested colleagues and do not hesitate to contact me (newlamc@auburn.edu) with any questions.



Chris Newland, Ph. D.

Professor, Department of Psychology                          

226 Thach Hall 

342 West Thach Concourse     
Auburn University

Alabama 36849-5212
Office: 334 844-6479      Fax:     334 844-4447



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