[DIV28_ANNOUNCEMENT] Apportionment ballot ---Please Act

Dear Division 28 members--

You should have recently received your Apportionment Ballot from APA. The responses on this ballot are used each year to determine the composition of APA's Council the following year and your ballot includes 10 votes to be distributed based on your interests.

As Division 28 President, I am writing to ask you to do two things BEFORE DECEMBER 15:

1. Allocate your 10 votes (or as many as possible) to Division 28.

2. Return the completed ballot to APA (must be received by DECEMBER 15).

If the ballot is not returned, we can risk losing an opportunity to insure representation of their Division on Council. Especially since we are a small division, we need our representation on Council. Please take a moment to complete and return the ballot today if you have not yet done so.

Thank you very much for your time and commitment to Division 28.

Ellen Walker, PhD
Division 28 President

A Division 28 announcement-only list subscribers corner: http://lists.apa.org

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