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Open Call for Manuscripts

Special Issue on “Clinical Apps and Public Service Settings”

Psychological Services

Deadline: June 30, 2017


The editorial staff of Division 18’s APA journal Psychological Services would like to invite you to submit articles for a special issue on Clinical Apps and Public Service Settings that will be edited by Femina P. Varghese, PhD, Gary R. VandenBos, PhD., and Guest Editor Julia Hoffman, Psy.D.


The growing prevalence of mobile devices has also increased the development of mobile applications for a wide range of uses.  Applied psychology is not exempt from this trend, and mobile applications, termed “clinical apps,” are continuing to be developed to supplement treatment and assessment.  However, the scholarly literature on such clinical apps is still somewhat lacking.  Reviews and comparative analyses of clinical apps would expand providers’ awareness of such apps and inform providers on how to most effectively utilize them in the comprehensive treatment of clients.  Given the need for more literature on the development, use, and effectiveness of clinical apps for public service settings and populations, this special issue is focused on publishing papers that cover clinical apps broadly, including reviews, empirical studies, innovative developments, and policy papers.  Considering the nature of the journal, papers should be focused on the use of clinical apps in organized care settings such as community mental health settings, community health centers, schools, child guidance clinics, rehab units, correctional settings, police departments, jails, prisons, courts, probation departments, Indian Health Service, special services departments, university clinics, training hospitals, local/state hospitals, and local government agencies.

This special section will be devoted to all aspects of clinical apps and public service settings, including, but not limited to:

·   Clinical apps for the diagnosis and treatment of specific behavioral problems, emotional disturbance, mental illness, and physical health issues

·   Clinical outcome data on the use of specific apps or types of clinical apps

·   Reviews on apps developed for specific issues and populations (e.g., military, corrections, youth, integrated care settings, and school systems)

·   Comparative reviews of ease of use and utility of data from different clinical apps attempting to assess, measure or monitor the same problem behavior

·   Evidenced based and empirically supported treatments with the use of clinical apps

·   Integrating clinical apps with psychotherapy and other treatments

·   Patient and provider experiences in the use of apps

·   Ethical considerations in the use of clinical apps

·   Measurement issues with clinical apps

·   Quality enhancement issues with clinical apps

In sum, we welcome manuscripts related to a variety of topics related to Clinical Apps in Public Service Settings, including empirical, conceptual, and theoretical papers focused on service provision.

The deadline for receipt of papers for this special section is June 30, 2017. Please follow the Instructions to Authors information located on the Psychological Services website at: http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/ser .  Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the Manuscript Submission Web Portal as described on the journal's website, here: http://www.editorialmanager.com/svs/


Please specify in your cover letter that the submission is intended for the special section on Clinical Apps and Public Service Settings and address your submission cover letter to Dr. Femina P. Varghese, Dr. Gary R. VandenBos, and Dr. Julia Hoffman. 


All papers submitted will be initially screened by the editorial board and then sent out for blind peer review. If evaluated as appropriate for the journal, papers will then be sent out for blind peer review.


For further questions related to this special section, please contact Dr. Vandenbos at drgaryvandenbos@gmail.com, Dr. Varghese at fvarghese@uca.edu, and Dr. Hoffman at  Julia.Hoffman@va.gov.






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