[#DIV28SUPER] 65th NE Symposium on Motivation

The 65th Nebraska Symposium on Motivation will be April 20-21.


The theme is "Change and Maintaining Change" with the following participants...

Dolores Albarracin, Ph.D. (University of Illinois)
Chloe Bird, Ph.D. (RAND)
Stephen Higgins, Ph.D. (University of Vermont)
George Koob, Ph.D. (NIAAA)
Greg Madden, Ph.D. (Utah State University)
Connie Roser-Renouf, Ph.D. (George Mason University)

We invite you to attend (registration is free) and to participate in the poster session and reception on that Thursday (4/20). The deadline for posters is April 5th but we will be making decisions as they come in so poster presenters can make travel arrangements.  Only a 50 to 100 word abstract is needed and any topic relevant to motivation and/or change is fine.  Details for poster submission are on the web page  psychology.unl.edu/symposium

Please spread the word to colleagues and distribute to listserves and other outlets as you see fit.

See you in April,

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