[#DIV28SUPER] Visualizing the latest from NIDA, NIAAA and the best of both (with a little NCI thrown in for good measure)

Dear Colleagues:

Many NIH Advisory Committee presentations are rich in content but are generally seen by only a handful of people sitting in an NIH conference room.  Last month we pulled together all the presentations from NIDA, NIAAA and the joint NIDA-NIAAA-NCI Council meetings, opened up a little APA server space, and plunked them all down here.  You might not be interested in all of them, but you’re probably not going to find them anywhere else.  So for your viewing pleasure…


For NIDA Council:

Want to know what Dr. Volkow is highlighting to NIDA Council? 

What’s the NIH Common Fund doing to advance that Genotype Tissue Expression (GTEx) project you’ve been hearing about?

You’ve probably also heard that NIH has new AIDS research priorities but not sure what they are?


For the Joint NIDA/NIAAA/NCI Councils:

How did Dr. Koob paint the big picture for the Joint Council meeting?

How did Dr. Volkow paint the big picture for the Joint Council meeting?

What’s the latest on Tobacco Control Research at NCI?

How’s the NIH Personalized Medicine Initiative going to deal with all that sensitive SUD data?  

Need to get the latest overview on changes to the Common Rule?

Want the latest on the Collaborative Research on Addictions at NIH?

What’s the status of that huge longitudinal Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study?


For NIAAA Council:

Want to know what Dr. Koob is highlighting to NIAAA Council?

Curious about the targets of low doses of alcohol in the brain?

Need an update on the BRAIN initiative?

Want to learn more about the unique Healing to Wellness Courts of the Hualapai Nation?

What does a rat model of voluntary ethanol consumption tell us about fatty livers in alcohol dependence?


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