[#DIV28SUPER] Event: Psychological Factors and Cancer Control (Mar. 19 application deadline)

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NCI "Sandpit" on Psychological Factors and Cancer Control (March 19 Application Deadline): The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Basic Biobehavioral and Psychological Sciences Branch, within the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, will host a“ SANDPIT,” (i.e., ideas lab) on May 16-18, 2016, in Montgomery County, MD. This sandpit seeks to generate new insights into how, for whom, and in what contexts a given population-level cancer control strategy is most effective.


NCI invites prospective participants to apply for attendance with a CV, two references, and cover letter by 3/19/16 via email at: ncidccpsbrpadvances@mail.nih.gov. Population-level cancer control strategies include public and private policy, federal or state regulation, and media campaigns that aim to influence modifiable behaviors such as tobacco use, sun safety, diet and exercise, and adherence to medical recommendations such as HPV vaccination and cancer screening guidelines.


If you would like to transform the future of population-level cancer control strategies, we invite you to apply – irrespective of your research expertise or background. We are most interested in new ideas, underpinned by radical and innovative thinking. More details are available here at: http://cancercontrol.cancer.gov/brp/docs/Sandpit.pdf.





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