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Clueless?  Here's another quote from the executive summary of the Hoffman report about the action of the BOD regarding the PENS report.


After the task force report was finalized in Sunday, June 26, the Board of Directors acted in a highly unusual fashion to declare an "emergency" and to adopt the report as "APA policy," an act normally reserved for the APA Council of Representatives. The Board was not required to take any quick action with regard to the task force. Behnke had arranged for expedited approval by the Ethics Committee, and if there was a desire to formally adopt the report as APA policy, the Council of Representatives was meeting about six weeks later. But the evidence shows that the Board acted in this unusual fashion motivated principally by the desire of APA Board members Ron Levant (APA President) and Gerry Koocher (APA President-Elect) to (1) create a PR message that would be perceived as backed not just by a public statement but by actual substance (a new APA ethics policy) and that could be used in a fluid PR situation perceived as negative, and (2) curry favor with DoD which had communicated that it wanted a prompt release of the report so it could use the report for its own purposes (which were both PR and policy purposes).15 

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A story in today's Chronicle of Higher Education
documents the staff issues involved in the interrogation debacle
and confirms that the Board of Directors was clueless on the
nature of goings on.



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