[DIV28SUPER] GWAS data related to substance abuse disorders available in dbGAP

Dear Investigator,


This is to make you aware of available GWAS data related to substance abuse disorders.  There are opportunities to study substance abuse, understand co-variants related to other diseases, as well as utilizing these data as controls.  The data are available through controlled-access within dbGaP (see hyperlinks below).



Addiction Related Genome-Wide Association Studies within the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP)


dbGaP Study Accession


Data Use Limitations

Genetic Determinants of Viral Clearance in HCV-Infected Populations


David Thomas

General Research Use (IRB required)

A Genome-Wide Association Study of Heroin Dependence


Elliot Nelson

Substance Dependence (IRB required); Alcohol and Tobacco (IRB required); Substance Dependence and Childhood Trauma (IRB required); Alcohol Related Conditions (IRB required)

The Genetic Architecture of Smoking and Smoking Cessation


Laura Bierut

General Research Use; Nicotine Addiction Research (IRB required)

Genome-Wide Association Study of HIV-1 Host Genetics Among Injection Drug Users


Eric Johnson

Health Research (Non-Commercial)

deCODE Genetics study on genes contributing to nicotine dependence in humans


Kari Stefansson

General Research Use (IRB required)

Ecological Stressors, PTSD, and Drug Use in Detroit: The Detroit Neighborhood Health Study (DNHS)


Allison Aiello

General Research Use (Non-Profit Organizations)

Study of Addiction: Genetics and Environment (SAGE)


Laura Bierut

Health Research; Alcoholism and Related Conditions

Sensitivity to the Subjective Effects of Amphetamine


Abraham Palmer

General Research Use

Genomewide Association Study of Alcohol Use and Alcohol Use Disorder in Australian Twin-Families (OZ-ALC GWAS)


Pamela Madden/ Andrew Heath

Research on Alcohol and Tobacco Related Phenotypes (IRB required)

CIDR: Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism Case Control Study


Bernice Porjesz

Health Research (IRB required); Alcoholism and Related Conditions (IRB required)

The Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA)


Bernice Porjesz

Disease-Specific: Alcoholism and Related Disorders (IRB required)

Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research (MCTFR) Genome-Wide Association Study of Behavioral Disinhibition


William Iacono

General Research Use


Please contact Mark Caulder if you have any further questions:

Mark S. Caulder, MS, MPH
Health Program Specialist for Population and Applied Genetics

Division of Basic Neuroscience and Behavioral Research
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institutes of Health
6001 Executive Blvd.
Bethesda, MD 20892-9555

Tel: 301.435.1308
Fax: 301.594.6043
Email: caulderm@mail.nih.gov

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