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APA CEO Norman Anderson, PhD responded to the New York Times coverage of allegations that APA helped support the Bush Administration's torture program via a letter to the editor.  The Times published the letter today (Saturday). 

See below:

The Psychologists and the Torturers

MAY 1, 2015


"Report Finds Collaboration Over Torture" (front page, May 1):

The American Psychological Association is deeply troubled by your article about a recent report by three authors alleging that the association helped the Bush administration justify its torture program during the war on terror. The A.P.A.'s strict policies prohibiting psychologists from participating in torture and our position on interrogations have been publicly detailed for years on our website.

When James Risen, who wrote the Times article, first made his allegations about the A.P.A. and the Bush administration last October, we released a statement refuting them. However, because of the seriousness of the allegations, we believed that they warranted an independent and definitive review. An outside attorney, David Hoffman of the law firm Sidley Austin, is conducting that review.

We have made the report upon which Mr. Risen based his latest article available to Mr. Hoffman and are fully cooperating with him. He has been given full and unfettered access to contact all of the people and to request all of the documents he deems necessary to conduct the review. Once the report is received and reviewed by the A.P.A.'s board of directors (with input from the A.P.A. Council of Representatives), it will be made public, in its entirety, along with any initial responsive actions that the A.P.A. determines are needed.

Chief Executive
American Psychological Association


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