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Dear colleagues:  I wanted to call your attention to the Request for Information that gives us the opportunity to suggest new directions for the NIH Neuroscience Blueprint.  The deadline for comment is approaching – it is May 25. 


The RFI asks several questions through its webform (you can answer in up to 5000 characters for each question): 1.  What are the major impediments to advancing neuroscience research that are not addressed by current research programs? 2.  What are the major opportunities for advancing neuroscience research that are not well served by current research programs? For which research opportunities would Blueprint investment have the highest impact for neuroscience? 2a. How might these opportunities lead to a quantum leap in basic, translational, and/or clinical neuroscience? (Please select the option(s) that are most appropriate to your interests and/or field of research: basic, clinical, translational, etc.) 3.  Identify ideas for research programs that would address these opportunities or impediments. Programs should be cross-cutting and benefit the broad neuroscience community, or address multiple diseases and disorders of the nervous system, including disorders of hearing, vision, aging, neurology, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as brain development and degeneration and gender differences. These might relate to: (a) Specific high impact scientific questions that could best be answered by a Blueprint Grand Challenge; (b) Research resources that would be of high value to a broad neuroscience community; (c) Programs to address cross-cutting issues such as: (Comments could include but are not limited to any of the following areas: training, computational neuroscience, diversity, tools to improve health outcomes, behavioral approaches, biomarkers, neuroethics, and neuroscience policy research); and (d)  Development of neurotechnologies to advance a broad spectrum of neuroscience.   


The Neuroscience Blueprint is a high profile NIH program, to which multiple institutes contribute, and it would be terrific for the RFI responses to reflect issues that are priorities for psychological research.  Thanks, and I apologize for any duplication.



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