[DIV28M] Special Issue Psychology of Addictive Behaviors

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Call for Papers: Psychology of Addictive Behaviors

Special Issue on
Neuroimaging and Psychotherapy Mechanisms of Change for Addictive

Translational research that increases understanding of brain mechanisms
underlying effective psychosocial interventions is critical to enhancing
treatment effects. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors is seeking both empirical
(research) as well as theoretical (review) papers examining potential brain
mechanisms that may underlie effective behavioral interventions for addictive
behaviors, broadly defined (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, tobacco, eating disorders,
obesity, pathological gambling) and across development (e.g., adolescents,
adults). The goal of the special issue is to highlight emerging theory and
research in the field of translational neuroscience on proposed or empirically
supported brain mechanisms (e.g., structure, functioning) that may moderate
and/or mediate treatment effects for addictive behaviors.

Manuscripts should be submitted as usual through the APA Online Submission
Portal (http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/adb/). The cover letter should
indicate that the authors wish the manuscript to be considered for publication
in the special issue on Neuroimaging and Psychotherapy Mechanisms of
Change for Addictive Behaviors. All submissions will be peer- reviewed. The
deadline for consideration for the special issue is October 1, 2011.

Questions or inquiries can be directed to the Guest Editors, Sarah Feldstein-
Ewing, PhD at sfeldstein@mrn.org or Tammy Chung, PhD at

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