[#DIV28SUPER] The latest from NIAAA, NIDA and joint Advisory Council meetings

Dear Colleagues:

Here’s the latest from this week’s meetings of the individual NIAAA and NIDA Advisory Council meetings on Tuesday and the joint council meeting held Wednesday (the linked Power Points will take a few moments to download).


From NIDA Council

What did Dr. Volkow report to NIDA Council?

Want to see Drs. Hennesy and Patel joint briefing on the NASEM Marijuana Report?

Do you have too many grants or have you had trouble getting funded? NIH has a new plan to stimulate the biomedical research workforce.


From NIAAA Council

What did Dr. Koob report to NIAAA Council?

Ever wonder about the dynamic neuroimmune interactions in the transition from brain function to dysfunction?

How about an update on the BRAIN intiative?

Have you heard about NIAAA’s new treatment Navigator?

How do you foster independence in the training of research scientists?

What’s the best way to tailor interventions to client motivation and  mechanisms of change?


Lastly the 5th Joint meeting as part of the Collaborative Research on Addictions at NIH (CRAN)

What did Dr. Koob report to CRAN?

What did Dr. Volkow report to CRAN?

Want to learn the latest on the economics of tobacco and tobacco control in this report on a recent NCI monograph.

How is the Meyerhoff Scholars program promoting diversity?

Wonder how the kids in the ABCD study are doing?

A huge shout out to Tom McLellan for receiving the 2017 NIAAA/NIDA lifetime science award!

Did you get a chance to see the latest Surgeon General Report?


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