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APRIL 21-22, 2017 • WASHINGTON D.C. (and beyond!)


As psychologists and APA members, you know the immense value of scientific research. And you are not alone. On Saturday, April 22, scientists and supporters will come together in Washington D.C. and around the globe to March for Science. As an official partner of the march, APA is calling on allies like you to join in support of science by marching together.


Why We March

APA is proud to be an official partner of the March for Science. Here's why.


Learn How to Advocate for Psychological Science – 4/21

As a prelude to the march, APA will offer advocacy training on Friday, April 21, noon – 1:30pm EDT. You can attend this at our Washington, D.C., headquarters or watch via livestream. Learn from experts how to communicate effectively with policymakers about the importance of psychological research and evidence-based policy. Sign up.


March with APA – 4/22

In D.C., APA will provide a meeting place for psychologists and their friends and family. Join us, meet fellow psychologists, and pick up materials such as signs and stickers. If you can't make it to D.C., consider joining one of several hundred announced satellite marches. Sign up.


Let us know if you're marching, sign up for advocacy training, and learn more about APA's March for Science Activities!







Kirk Waldroff | Director of Communications

Science Directorate | (202)336-6192 | kwaldroff@apa.org 

American Psychological Association

www.apa.org | @apascience


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