[#DIV28SUPER] The latest from NIAAA Advisory Council

Dear Colleagues:

Here’s the latest from yesterday's meeting of the NIAAA Advisory Council (the linked Power Points will take a few moments to download).  NIDA Advisory Council is next week so stay tuned for those presentations or grab some popcorn and watch the webcast on your own starting at 10:45 on 2/15.


What did Dr. Koob report to NIAAA Council?

Looking for an update on where NIAAA is going next with alcohol and PTSD comorbidity research?

Want to see how neuroimaging in alcoholism translates from animals to humans?

Want to learn about alcohol and stress mechanisms from risk to relapse and recovery?

Care to read about VA research?

Interested in learning how NIMH is making data available to the research community?

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Science Directorate | 202.336.6067 | gmumford@apa.org 

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