[#DIV28M] FW: Doing research on opioids?

Dear Division 28 Members-
Please see the email string below looking for experts on evidence-based opioid treatments to contribute to an APA Monitor on Psychology article. If you can help, please email the author, Kirsten Weir, directly at kw@kirstenweir.com
Thanks and happy new year!
-Bill Stoops.

William W. Stoops, Ph.D.
email: william.stoops@uky.edu
phone: (859) 257-5383
facsimile: (859) 257-7684

Associate Professor
University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Department of Behavioral Science
Department of Psychiatry
Center on Drug and Alcohol Research
University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology

Regulatory Knowledge and Support Core
Component Lead
Research Methods
University of Kentucky Center for Clinical and Translational Science

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Hello SoAP friends,

Happy New Year!

I've received the email, copied below, from Kirsten Weir. She is writing an article on opioids for the APA Monitor and would like some expert input. Please contact her directly if this is your area of expertise.

Warm regards,


Bruce S. Liese, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.
President-Elect, APA Division 50 (Addictions)
Professor of Family Medicine and Psychiatry
Courtesy Professor of Clinical Psychology
University of Kansas
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
  Mailstop 4010
Kansas City, Kansas 66160


Hi Dr. Liese,
I'm a contributing writer for the Monitor on Psychology, APA's monthly magazine for members. I'm working on an article about opioid dependence and research-based interventions for treating opioid addiction. I was hoping that you might recommend some Div. 50 colleagues who are doing research in this area? Please let me know if anyone stands out as important players in this space. Many thanks! 


Kirsten Weir 
Writer & Editor
Science * Health * Psychology
(612) 990-9245 *
Learn more at kirstenweir.com

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