[#DIV28SUPER] Help us celebrate Division 28's 50th Anniversary!

Please join us in celebrating Division 28's golden anniversary!  Our special symposium highlighting our Division's outstanding research history will be held at noon tomorrow in the Denver Convention Center.  Then join us for the 50th Anniversary Social Hour at 5pm tomorrow in the Hyatt's Mineral Hall F.  Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at these special events!

Fifty Years of Division 28 – Our Remarkable Past and Bright Future 
12:00 – 1:50 PM (CE), Convention Center Room 301

W. Bickel
In the Beginning a Response Was Reinforced: Conceptual Expansion in Addiction Science
 M. Carroll
Risk Factors for Drug Addiction and Novel Treatments: Preclinical Models
 R. Balster
The Role of Behavioral Pharmacology and Toxicology Research in Regulatory Science
M. Stitzer
Nicotine and Tobacco Research in Division 28
 S. Higgins
Division 28 and the Development of Contingency Management Interventions for Substance Use Disorders

50th Anniversary Social Hour
5:00 – 5:50 PM, Hyatt Regency Denver Hotel Mineral Hall F


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