[#DIV28SUPER] Endowed Chair and Two Senior Faculty Positions at the Rutgers University Brain Health Institute (BHI)

Dear Colleagues-

BHI is currently soliciting applications for three senior faculty positions- the Klein Endowed Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease & Neurodegeneration, Director of a new Autism Research Center and Director of a new Human Imaging Center at Piscataway. We are asking the Rutgers Neuroscience Community to reach out to their colleagues at other institutions and let them know about these positions. Please let us know of candidates that you think might be interested in these senior positions. . Feel free to circulate the three advertisements that I have attached to this e-mail. If you have any questions about these positions, please reach out to either Gary (gsa35@ca.rutgers.edu ) or me (kuzhikev@ca.rutgers.edu ).

Thanks for your help.

Best regards- Eldo


Eldo Kuzhikandathil, PhD

Managing Director

Rutgers Brain Health Institute

683 Hoes Lane West

SPH, Room 161

Piscataway, NJ 08854

Phone: 973-972-1157

E-mail: kuzhikev@ca.rutgers.edu

Web site: brainhealthinstitute.rutgers.edu



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