[#DIV28SUPER] New SAMHSA NPRM - restoring access to patient SUD data

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SAMHSA has developed a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) that appears to address a problem identified by scientists conducting substance use disorder research using diagnostic data obtained from patient records (see attached press release).  As I understand it, the problem emerged after rules were changed regarding access to that data in 2013.   


The NPRM is open for comment until April 11 and I am trying to collect information from the research community to see what APA should consider submitting in response.  If you conduct research in this area, I’d appreciate hearing from you back-channel as to whether your concerns have been adequately addressed by this NPRM.


Nick Bagley who co-authored this opinion piece last May in the NEJM writes optimistically about the new NPRM today in his blog, the Incidental Economist.


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