[DIV28M] Reminder- Call for Division 28 Award Nominations

Dear Colleagues:  Happy New Year!  I am writing to remind you that we are seeking nominations for the APA Division 28 Awards for the 2015 APA meeting in Toronto.  I am attaching again the detailed instructions for each of the three awards:  Med Associates Brady-Schuster Award, Young Psychopharmacologist Award and Outstanding Dissertation Award.  These awards are an excellent way to recognize your outstanding colleagues in science.  Thanks to those who've already submitted nomination packets.  The deadline for materials is January 15, 2015.  
Best wishes,

Dr. Sharon L. Walsh
Provost's Distinguished Service Professor
Center on Drug and Alcohol Research
Department of Behavioral Science
University of Kentucky
Lab Phone:  859-257-6485
Fax: 859-257-5232

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