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TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY. The Department of Psychology at Texas A&M University is undergoing an exciting period of expansion. As part of this expansion, we have begun four searches at the Assistant Professor rank to start in the Fall of 2015. The current hiring initiative is designed to enhance translational work within our Department’s core and emerging research strengths, which include neuroscience, individual differences, affective science and diversity science. Affective Science (2 positions): To enhance our affective science research cluster, we have two positions. The first is for candidates with expertise in functional neuroimaging. The University has created a state of the art research facility consisting of both an fMRI and PET scanner to support recruitment for this hiring initiative. The second position is for a candidate whose research incorporates neuroscience and other physiological techniques in human or animal models of affect (e.g., electroencephalography, functional genomics, functional neuroimaging, pharmaco- or optogenetic methods, transcranial stimulation) and/or to those candidates whose affective science research builds on departmental strengths in the study of individual differences. For both positions, the specific research area is focused on emotion regulation, broadly speaking. Diversity Science (1 position): To enhance our existing translational core of researchers focused on issues of diversity and well-being, we have one position. This position is for a candidate whose work is informed by novel conceptual and methodological perspectives to understanding relationships between structural, cultural, and psychological factors that promote (or impede) well-being and/or candidates who investigate intersectionality. Specific area of specialty for the current position is open, within the broad category of diversity science. fMRI (1 position): To strengthen our existing cadre of researchers using fMRI technology, we have one position. This position is for an individual who has an established line of experimental fMRI research, and who has also demonstrated expertise in developing or utilizing innovative quantitative methods for collecting and analyzing fMRI data. The specific area of research is open, although we are interested in a candidate who can enhance our existing strengths in one or more of the following areas: learning and memory, pain, development and aging, addiction, personality, criminality, and neuroeconomics. All four positions should be able to contribute to one or more of our graduate programs in Cognitive, Clinical, Developmental, Industrial/Organizational, Neuroscience, and Social psychology. The search committee will begin reviewing applicants starting September 15, 2014 and will continue to review new applications until the position is filled. The individual job ads for each of the aforementioned positions, along with details for applying can be found at http://psychology.tamu.edu. Texas A&M is located in the twin cities of Bryan and College Station, with a population of more than 170,000, and is conveniently located in a triangle formed by Dallas, Houston and Austin. The area boasts a low cost of living, great schools, moderate winters, and a vibrant, growing community. Texas A&M has more than 50,000 graduate and undergraduate students enrolled. Texas A&M University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has a policy of being responsive to the needs of dual-career couples

Kelly Dunn, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
5510 Nathan Shock Drive
Baltimore, MD 21224
P: 410-550-2254; F: 410-550-0030

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