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The Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDDwww.cpdd.org) are pleased to announce the search for a new Executive Officer (E.O.) who will succeed Dr. Martin Adler. CPDD has been in existence since 1929 and is the longest standing group in the USA addressing problems of drug dependence and abuse. Currently, CPDD has over 1,000 members and the organization serves as an interface among governmental, industrial and academic communities maintaining liaisons with regulatory and research agencies as well as educational, treatment, and prevention facilities in the drug abuse field.

The responsibilities of the E.O. are to represent CPDD in dealings with government, industry, academia, and other organizations as related to policy positions, joint initiatives, funding and other issues that may arise. The E.O. is ad hoc to all committees of CPDD. He/she is responsible for overseeing the work of the various committees of CPDD, giving advice and direction when needed, and preparing, in collaboration with the Director of the Executive Office (Ellen Geller) the annual meeting grant from NIDA, on which he/she is both the P.I. and the Signing Officer for the organization. The E.O. is the official signator for CPDD in all legal matters, including federal, state, and local forms, as well as items related to insurance. The E.O. serves as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and is a member of the Finance Committee. The E.O. works with Friends of NIDA and Von Scoyoc in educating members of Congress on issues related to drug abuse funding and policy. The E.O. also assists in setting up meetings with which CPDD is associated, including the annual scientific meeting of CPDD held at various locations in June of each year.

In order to accomplish the larger goals of the organization, the E.O. has to be able to work with all of the constituencies of the organization, including the Director of the Executive Office, the membership, the Officers, the Board of Directors (BOD), and the Committee Chairs. Many issues arise that require negotiating skills, people skills, and good judgment. It is the responsibility of the E.O. to integrate all of CPDD activities that have been authorized by the BOD and the officers of CPDD. In summary, the E.O. has a leadership role in CPDD and is responsible to the Executive Committee and BOD of CPDD
Characteristics strongly recommended for candidates:
Doctoral degree (Ph.D., M.D., Psy.D., etc) and a faculty appointment at a university, medical school or other institution at the level of Professor or equivalent;
History of NIH funding as a PI in the fields covered by CPDD's membership, especially addiction and drug abuse;
Documented history of administrative and/or leadership experience;
Substantial history of service to CPDD through membership on committees, elected member of BOD, or previous elected officer of CPDD;
History of robust attendance (i.e., at least 7 of last 10 years) and presenting at CPDD; and
Ability to commit up to 50% of effort for the position.
Interested candidates should submit a one-page letter of interest, recent CV, and answers to the questions below to Richard De La Garza, II, Ph.D. (Chair of the E.O. Search Committee) by October 15, 2013. All documents should be submitted electronically as one file to rg12@bcm.edu. Questions about the position should be E-mailed directly to Dr. De La Garza.
Please address the following (maximum 3-pages):
Describe your scientific background and experience.
Describe current responsibilities and how you will reallocate effort to accommodate this position.
Describe your administrative/leadership experience.  
How available would you be to travel to Washington DC or other locations for CPDD business?
Discuss your vision for CPDD and how CPDD can best serve the substance abuse research community in the future.  
How do you envision interacting with the CPDD office* at Temple University?
                                 *Information provided upon request

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